State of Mind

Determined not to scream i look away from him refusing him. You see my pain and frustration, i can feel him willing me to break, willing me to crack right open but i go on pretending he is not there. He gets mad and pulges his screw driver down my tied up hands and the … Continue reading State of Mind

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hi. i know its been awhile i posted anything and that’s mainly due to laziness. please forgive me. This post was written by Dare who in my opinion writes beautifully.follow him on instagram: @iam_sillyking. i hope you enjoy it. xoxo



His back was turned and for a man imprisoned he spoke freely and happily. Only, she knew he was hers’ but she was no longer his. She had prepared a pistol and squeezed it between her butt and ripped jeans. She walked towards him as if down an aisle, her face flushed and her hands sweaty. She picked up a towel that was behind the dishwasher and wiped the telltale of anxiety off her palms. Just as she was about to take the next step she saw a tomato knife “Stealth” she thought , it was just what she needed. Continue reading “Heartbreak”





We are walking together to the gate, but it’s almost like we are Strangers. He is making series of calls on his phone which pisses me off but I pretend not to notice. I put on my headphones and listen to Phyno rap in Igbo and I nod my head like a crazy person on the road in a bid to get his attention, to get him to ask me “babe why are you misbehaving na?” but he doesn’t say a word. Now I’m more pissed.
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The Wanting

His version of events[1]




Want to go someplace else?’

The cute girl I had been chatting up all night at the bar asked me. It felt good, because this meant I still had my A game on. This was the first time I was getting on the social scene since I lost my girlfriend in a car accident. I hoped she was in heaven. Might as well grab some piece of heaven from this hotties ass too.

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